Which versions of SharePoint is the translation software compatible with?

aTranslator is currently compatible with SharePoint Online only.

Which SharePoint elements is able to Translate exactly?


Translator for SharePoint is able to translate:

  • Lists
  • Descriptions of Lists
  • Columns
  • Descriptions of Columns
  • Views
  • Overall Navigation Structure
  • Dynamic Forms for SharePoint (DFFS), if installed
My Sharepoint has been modified. Can I still use the translator?


Yes, of course.!You can request Translator for SharePoint to re-analyse and translate the site at any time to update new elements.

What kind of utility is needed to connect my Sharepoint to the translator?

aYou need to set up an utility and create an account with complete access to the site for each language.

I've installed a 3rd party template and/or customized my Sharepoint. Is it still compatible with Translator?


Yes, of course, further any custom elements falling out of SharePoint standard could be translated.

Once I've entered the source URL of the Sharepoint site to be translated, can I still change it?

aYou may edit the URL until you activate your licence. Once the licence is activated, the URL cannot be changed.

How long is a licence valid ?

aEach licence linked and activated with an URL is valid for two months. Should you need to translate additional content out of this time limit you should buy a new license.

Can I delete a translation?

aIt is always possible to roll-back to the website’s default language.

How many languages is it possible to translate Sharepoint into by activating a single URL?

aThe languages currently available ​​are English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. We are going to release many new languages soon.

I do not want to use Translator for some elements. Can I select which items should be translated ?

aYou may always change each individual entry on your SharePoint site manually.

I made some changes to the original Sharepoint after carrying out the translation. How can I translate the new parts too?

aYou need to re-initialize the project by clicking “Initialize Now” within the project. Translator for SharePoint will download the new content as well as the one previously applied.

I accidentally deleted the translation job: is it possible to recover it?


Once deleted, a translation job cannot be recovered.

Does it also translate my content?


Translator For SharePoint does not translate content, rather it is designed to translate the SharePoint interface structure. The contents refer to the user that produces them.

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