How to Translate Sharepoint Site

Why we created a software to
translate SharePoint sites ?

When it comes to a multilingual website, the traditional method is to create a dedicated website for each language. This is fine for an institutional website, but when we start dealing with business process management, this solution most of the time does not apply, expecially if run run your application within SharePoint.

Companies increasingly use SharePoint to manage their business processes, often starting with ready-made templates, which only need to be installed and configured. Unfortunately when it comes to setup a multi language site Microsoft suggested procedure is to create different sites, one for each language! This means that from a maintenance point of view you have to deal with multiple different sites rather than one multi-language site.

Starting from this pain point we’ve created Translator for SharePoint, a quick easy and unique tool to translate your SharePoint site into multiple languages able to translate not only the default SharePoint content but also custom fields, list names, ect. One site, multiple languages: all users will display content stick to their default language.